Automotive Furniture. AMG Seat. Sofa King Cool.

Unique, handcrafted automotive furniture made in Dubai (with original components from Germany).

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Simon Kirschke lives in Dubai and works in the automotive industry. As Head of Upholstery for a high quality marque, Simon is a skilled craftsman and decided to utilize his talent and make some furniture in his spare time. Judging by the outcome, Simon has difficulty separating his hobby from his day job.

The two-seater consists mainly of a C63 AMG front assembly with beautiful quilted leather from a G63. The number plate recess has been replaced with the sill dressing/entrance panel from a G55 proudly displaying its AMG credentials centre stage. The really cool thing is that Simon has wired the seat up using a Bosch transformer and, at the flick of a discreet switch, the lights and AMG panel illuminate.

Over 100 hours of labour have gone in to creating this unique piece of automotive furniture, however, Simon needs to make room for his next project and the AMG seat is now for sale. Perfect companion for a V8 table methinks.

You can contact Simon via email at or telephone (Dubai) 00971 55 7391800

*ORIGINAL POST DATE: September 2013

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