All-new Ford F-150. The toughest ever

Ford unveils the 2015MY F-150 pick-up, the ‘toughest, smartest and most capable F-150 ever’.

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Trucks. We can’t hide the fact that we dig them at the loft. Throw in plenty of seat time with the Ford F-150 Raptor and the fight for keys becomes a daily obsession. Now, we knew Ford was up to something with their stalwart F-150 when the Atlas concept was first aired to the public. Low and behold the unveiling of the 2015MY F-150 – stated to be the ‘toughest, smartest and most capable F-150’ since the original took a bow in 1948 – shows us that the Atlas went down well. The big question, how do you make the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 17 years and currently the best-selling pick-up for 43 years even better?

Higher-strength steel. Lots of it. Words like ‘military-grade’ and ‘aerospace’ are being banded about, with aluminium alloys among other bits and bobs helping to shed nearly 320kg of weight from the F-150. It’s a start, but not a great deal when you consider a near-3000kg kerb weight of the current truck. Mind you, take too much weight out and the usefulness of the truck falls by the wayside, so it’s not something Ford will be concentrating on too much.

What Ford is basically trying to say is that its big bad pick-up just got more badass. Not quite Raptor level for the standard truck, but well on the way. So much so that the next incarnation will prove so evil, it might actually stand up on two legs, claim its loyalty to Megatron at the unveiling, and spend nearly four years trying to kill Shia LaBeouf.

Sign us up ASAP Ford. The test drive that is. Not Shia LaBeouf.

– Shots courtesy of Ford

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