Detroit ’15. Alfa unveils 4C Spider

Alfa lops the roof off the 4C to create the Spider.

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Alfa Romeo used the Detroit Motor Show to unveil the production version of its 4C Spider. There are few surprises from it – as you’d expect, it’s a 4C coupe with the roof removed, although it does have some nifty features.

Chief among these is the carbonfibre windscreen frame, complementing its super-lightweight carbonfibre monocoque chassis; a component that actually meant that structural changes from the coupe could be kept to a minimum. As well as the windscreen frame, the Spider has an aluminium roll-over bar and a steel engine compartment cross beam to keep the torsional rigidity high. The US version of the 4C Spider, as revealed in Detroit, is just 10kg heavier than the Coupe.

New features include an Akrapovic dual-mode titanium exhaust system and new designs of alloy wheel, as well as this new Giallo yellow paint scheme.

The engine remains untouched – the same 237bhp 1.8-litre unit producing a 0-100kph time of close to four seconds.

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