Alfa Romeo Guitar. Crafted for performance

Harrison Custom Guitar Works create the ‘Alfa Romeo’ – an ultra-limited edition Alfa Romeo-inspired guitar

Alfa Romeo MiTo Marshall concept Photograph: James Lipman //

Italian cars emit a certain pitch, a distinct melody that cannot be replicated by other manufacturers. It is a fusion of mechanical elements combined with automotive opera that creates a unique passione for the bella macchina. And it normally has the right foot as the conductor.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Marshall concept Photograph: James Lipman //

But what if you want to caress the bella macchina with your fingertips and produce that soprano High C without unnecessary foreplay fumbling?

Alfa Romeo MiTo Marshall conceptPhotograph: James Lipman //

Yup, you are gonna want to get yourself a Harrison Custom Guitar Works ultra-limited edition Alfa Romeo-inspired guitar that draws inspiration from the style, materials and technology of the Italian brand’s road cars.

Alfa Romeo MiTo Marshall concept Photograph: James Lipman //

Available to order from Harrison Custom Guitar Works the ‘Alfa Romeo’ costs £4,000 ($6810) with each guitar hand-built to order and taking around eight months to complete. Just 11 guitars will be made, one for each decade of the brand’s history.

Alfa Romeo Guitar-5

Oh, and the guitar will be given its first public playing at a special invitation-only screening of Dave Grohl’s Sound City documentary at Olympic Studios on 24th June featuring a live performance by Tim Burgess and Mark Collins of The Charlatans. The guitar will then be exhibited at a series of events through the rest of 2014.

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