Alfa Romeo 4C. Supercar in Miniature. Modena

Alfa Romeo 4C production gets underway at Modena.

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I have been banging on like a demented Alfista for well over a year now about how the Alfa Romeo 4C is going to be a game changer. While supercar manufacturers constantly chase the bigger, badder, faster, more potent, more horsepower, more torque, more more more scenario on the quest for more power to kilogram ratio, Alfa Romeo have taken the route of less kilogram to power. And they are doing it in a unique way.

What Alfa Romeo is building is a genuine supercar, albeit in miniature. Same construction methods including a carbon fibre monocoque weighing just 65kg and use of hi-tech materials – aluminium, steel, lightened SMC and carbon fibre – bring the dry weight down to 895kg. Combined with its turbocharged, 1750cc engine that produces 240hp it has a weight/power ratio lower than 4kg/hp. It therefore won’t be cheap, but it will cost a fraction of the price of one of its prancing horse stable mates and has the potential to embarrass the best while rewarding the driver with a favourable smiles per random currency ratio.

These images and video, released by Alfa Romeo, show some of the stages involved in the production of the 4C. If you are wondering why some of the workers are wearing trident livery, it is because the Maserati plant in Modena is taking care of business in workshops dedicated to the 4C. Just wish they would pick up the pace a bit as we are ready for that test drive.

Guys, stop slacking. We are ready.

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