introducing crankandpiston.com

crankandpiston.com was born out of a desire to buck the trend; to create a website for motoring enthusiasts unlike anything they had seen before.

Established in late 2008 with nothing more than a solitary laptop and an unquenchable passion, crankandpiston.com now boasts multimedia representation across a wide variety of platforms, a thriving network of contributors and a fanbase that continues to grow every day. What started as a blog for the local community now reaches hundreds of thousands of fans across the region.

As well as a drive ‘to do things differently’, crankandpiston.com boasts spectacular photography produced in-house, insightful editorial content and character. crankandpiston.com is stamping its mark on the automotive publishing scene.

the team

crankandpiston.com is produced by a dedicated team of automotive professionals who live and breathe the very best the car world has to offer.

With a combined motoring experienced of nearly 30 years in the Middle East and further afield, there’s little the team hasn’t seen nor experienced. Although that doesn’t stop them looking.

the readers

crankandpiston.com readers across the Middle East are petrolheads of the highest order, each boasting an insatiable hunger for news and articles on the finest examples of automoblia ever produced. Our readers live and work within the GCC region and across the Middle East. They are university-educated, aged between 18 and 45 and are a healthy mix of Western expatriates and local enthusiasts.