A bit of RUF. CTR Yellowbird. CTR3

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One of the first viral-style car videos we ever saw on the internet was the incredible footage of a tuned Porsche 911 going very, very sideways at great speed around the Nurburgring. That car was the RUF CTR Yellowbird, and Car and Driver’s Jethro Bovingdon is the very lucky boy that’s been to Germany to drive it.

That’s not all though – he also had a chance to max out the $600,000 RUF CTR3 on the Autobahn. It’s a tough job…

29 RUF Yellowbirds were built from scratch from 1987. Based on the 911 Carrera 3.2, it produced 469bhp from its modified 3.2-litre flat-six engine, which meant a 0-100kph time of less than four seconds and a top speed of 340kph. Even now, that’s fast. In 1987 it was completely insane.

The RUF CTR3 is the Yellowbird‘s spiritual successor. Based on a Porsche 911, it’s been heavily tweaked to make 691bhp, which helps it reach a ludicrous top speed of 375kph. Here’s a Middle East connection – the CTR3 was first unveiled in 2007 at the Bahrain International Circuit.

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