860bhp Lamborghini Novitec Huracán Spyder

*NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO* Perennial Italian supercar tuners Novitec reveal their 860bhp take on a twin-supercharged Novitec Huracán Spyder (LP 610-4) ‘currently under development’.

If neither the new Superleggera nor a peridot green Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder is not quite brash enough for you and your Tom Ford brogues, then this juicy little nugget from Novitec Torado – yes, them again – might just be up your epileptic alley.

For starters, as well as the menacing bodywork, Lamborghini’s 602bhp 5.2-litre V10 has now been re-tuned to kick out 860bhp for a twin-supercharger version currently under development. Which is INSANE: a convertible that was already capable of 323kph and 0-100kph in 3.4 seconds now rivals the Porsche 918 Spyder in terms of outright power. Peak torque has also made the leap from 559Nm (412lb ft) to ‘about 960Nm’ (708lb ft). We’re guessing you’ll need a neck brace if you really want to grab this Novitec Huracán Spyder by the throat.

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So yes, brutal, BRUTAL amounts of power potentially on offer. The insanity of this unhinged maniac continues with the bodywork, which now boasts a new front spoiler, a central front blade, side-mounted rocker panels, a rejigged rear spoiler, and carbon covers for the wing mirrors. Not only does the new bodykit look the bee’s tibiofemoral joints, extensive wind tunnel testing means these new additions aim to ‘further optimize [the] aerodynamic properties’ of Lamborghini’s Gallardo replacement. Tempting prospect, isn’t it?!

Since ‘wheels make the car’, the Novitec Huracán Spyder also runs on bespoke, three-piece NL1 alloys – 20in at the front, 21in at the rear – and Pirelli P-Zero performance rubber. Springs and suspension have also been modified to lower both the ride height by 35mm and the overall centre of gravity.

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While the Huracán Spyder may be the most recent Lamborghini to pull parts and spares from Novitec’s batshit stock room, the Novitec Group has recently gave the SV Aventador a lick and a tweak too. Power is similarly ridonculous, though the 35bhp leap from 740bhp to 775bhp is slightly more ‘conservative’. Ditto the 690Nm (509lb ft) jump to 738Nm (544lb ft) of torque. The bodykit is similarly outlandish, the Carbon Fibre Aerodynamics package featuring side panels, boot lid, roof air scoop, side air intakes and a new rear wing. The Novitec Superveloce also sits 35mm lower on bespoke NV1 Vossen alloys (20in front, 21in rear).

Of course the above maniacs are far from the first Italian supercars the Novitec Group has taken its crayon set to: you may remember THIS Huracán LP 610-4 from last December, and THIS 781bhp Ferrari F12 Rosso N-Largo S that appeared just a few months ago.

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