781bhp Ferrari F12. Novitec Rosso N-Largo S

*NOW UPDATED WITH VIDEO* Novitec Rosso unveils limited edition 781bhp Ferrari F12 N-Largo S

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In the market for a 781bhp Ferrari F12berlinetta with and a crap-ton of extra carbon fibre? Well you’re in luck, as Novitec Rosso has just dropped the new N-Largo S. Thing is, there’s only eleven of them…

Yep, the Ferrari specialist tuner REALLY isn’t messing around with the new N-Largo S, the development of which should give you some clue about that. For instance, thanks to a new mapping for injection and ignition plus a performance quad exhaust system, the 6.3-litre V12 now produces 781bhp and 533lb ft of torque, enough for 0-100kph in ‘about three seconds’ en-route to a 350kph top speed. That’s 51bhp and 24lb ft more than the standard F12berlinetta, and 10kph slower at full chat. It even top trumps the more potent F12 tdf by 12bhp and 13lb ft, even if it does take one tenth longer to hit 100kph.

Typically all this comes packaged with a new wide bodykit, one developed in collaboration with German designer Vittorio Strosek and designed to put ‘full-blooded motor racing looks on the road’. There’s a reshaped centre front blade (for cooling) and wider fenders at the front, while the flared rear wheel arches mean that Ferrari arse is now 14cm wider than stock. Revised suspension means the N-Largo S also sits 40mm lower to the ground. The whole package runs atop exclusively designed NF6 NL alloys (21in at the front, 22in at the rear) clad with high performance Pirelli P-Zeroes.

Price? No idea. But we imagine the old adage ‘if you have to ask…’ probably applies here…

Source – Novitec Group

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