2013 Dubai Motor Show. Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo unveils its brand new 4C sportscar in the Middle East for the first time at the Dubai Motor Show.

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Alfa Romeo’s brand new diminutive 4C sportscar headed its line-up at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show.

The 4C, inspired by the company’s well-established 8C Competizione supercar, is a performance-focused new addition to Alfa Romeo’s roster: the very name – 4C – is derived from the company’s 6C and 8C motorsport challengers on-track during the 1930s/1940s.

Powered by a 1750 turbocharged four-cylinder engine and boasting a power-to-weight ratio of 4kg/hp, the new Alfa Romeo 4C is also incredibly nimble. Not only is 0-100kph complete in 4.5 seconds, thanks to 240hp and 258lb ft of torque, top speed is an impressive 258kph. The new Alfa Romero 4C has also taken to the Nurburgring, posting an impressive 8m 04s laptime. Performance is further boosted courtesy of Alfa’s twin dry clutch transmission, Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tyres (during its Green Hell run at least), 40/60 weight distribution over the rear axle, and a monocoque chassis that weighs just 65kg.

Marketed as ‘the Alfa of Alfas’, design aspects of the 4C hark back to the 33 Stradale from 1967 claimed by Alfa Romeo to be ‘quite possibly the most beautiful coupé of all time’.

To check the Alfa Romeo 4C out in action with one Giancarlo Fisichella behind the wheel, follow this link. If you’d like to see crankandpiston’s coverage of the 4C production line in Modena, just CLICK HERE. And if you just want to see Chris Harris ring its neck, then all you had to do was ask…

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