1966 Porsche 911. XCAR meets Magnus Walker

XCARFilms interviews legendary Porsche fan Magnus Walker about his 1966 Irish Green 911.


Porsche’s most enthusiastic dreadlocks are back on the scene as Magnus Walker walks XCARFilms through one of his favourite 911s, an Irish Green 1966 classic.

As Magnus explains, “the thrill of the Porsche starts with the chase, and having spotted said two-litre Solex models on craigslist. After a hotfooted flight to Seattle, love was in the air, a deal was struck and the 911 has been with Magnus for the past four years. The thrill of the drive means it’s likely to be with him for several more years to come.

And for those of you now commenting that “actually that’s British Racing Green”, well you’re not far wrong…

Source – XCARFilms

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