1949 Porsche Gmünd Coupé. Jeff Zwart

Jeff Zwart offers a real life perspective to driving a 1949 Gmünd Coupé and why it truly represents the beginnings of Porsche.

1949 Porsche Gmünd Coupé

Porsche is rarely out of the press these days. If it isn’t the new Macan bringing sportscar practicality to the masses then it is the 918 Spyder bringing warp speed to the hyper hybrid game. Add in a return to Le Mans – with the 919 – and Porsche seems to be on a roll. Oh, and not forgetting the new GT3 and the… etc.

Sometimes it’s good to take a quiet look back to the early days, drool over a 1949 Gmünd Coupé and listen to Jeff Zwart talk about purity of form and trafficaters.

Source – Porsche

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