Cadillac has its game face firmly back on of late with cars such as the CTS-V saloon and sharp-as-nails Coupe. Hot on their heels is the new Cadillac ATS which will square up against the burgeoning hot mid-exec sector of machinery – M3, RS5, C63 etc.

It’s still a couple of months away from being revealed to the masses, but it doesn’t mean that Cadillac haven’t already kick-started the PR bandwagon. So, where else do Cadillac go to but the Nurburgring in Germany for a bit of high speed action. Check it out below: was born out of a desire to buck the trend; to create a website for motoring enthusiasts unlike anything they had seen before. Established in late 2008 with nothing more than a solitary laptop and an unquenchable passion, now boasts multimedia representation across a wide variety of platforms, a thriving network of contributors, and a fanbase that continues to grow every day. What first started as a blog for the local community now reaches hundreds of thousands of aficionados across the region.