RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF. Porsche 996. Going Water-cooled

With RAUH-Welt porting around the internet like wild fire, it is getting worryingly close to becoming a fad. What is essentially a case of taking a full blown Porsche Motorsport monster and giving Joe public the opportunity to roll the streets, has hit a spot within the ‘scene’ like nothing else, but protecting it from scene points is paramount to it’s success.Not to mention treading carefully beyond it’s current position.

Historically, they are predominantly based on the later 930/964 and 993 generation Porsche, however with running costs and ease of ownership increasing and decreasing respectively, it was only a matter of time before the idea of the far more plentiful and dare we say, cheap, 996 received the RWB touch.

Ooooohhh we here you say! Well, thanks to the ever impressive skills of Jon Sibal, here is a rendition for you to soak in. Time to check with your Bank Manager and hit the classifieds >>>

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