If there was one car that really ticks the boxes when it comes to the all encompassing supercar, it’s the McLaren F1. A stunning heart in the form of that incredible BMW mill, engineering and ingenuity care of a crack team based in Woking (McLaren HQ) and the most incredibly clever, yet tricky ergonomic layout… That now famous triple seat layout. Throw in a liberal dose of gold foil to reflect heat within the engine bay and top it off with what is now a timeless body and you have a legend.

Now that brings us to this particular car. If you are regular internet follower (pistonheads) you will potentially recognize those high mounted (prototype) wing mirrors, those special wheels (larger than stock yet the same design), but get lost at the colour. Well this is a car owned by regular forum poster and occasional mag contributor, Flemke. It was previously a lovely shade of light blue, however after a motorway smash last year, it’s had the pleasure of a major go over at the hands of McLaren themselves.

Now, enough of us… time to hit go and enjoy >>>


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Phil McGovern