Is the Hyundai Elantra a suitable tow vehicle for a spot of sand boarding? It’s not exactly a question that springs to mind very often – even for us. But the boys and girls at Hyundai – or more likely, its ad agency – somehow came up with the concept during a spot of bluesky thinking. The video below shows the result of 99 days planning, a 60-strong crew, 7 days of test shooting and 3 fearless stuntmen. was born out of a desire to buck the trend; to create a website for motoring enthusiasts unlike anything they had seen before. Established in late 2008 with nothing more than a solitary laptop and an unquenchable passion, now boasts multimedia representation across a wide variety of platforms, a thriving network of contributors, and a fanbase that continues to grow every day. What first started as a blog for the local community now reaches hundreds of thousands of aficionados across the region.