A quick question for you: between 1960 and 1970, the Chevrolet Impala dominated car sales in the USA, but which iconic model was its closest rival? Some of you are now beaming smuggly having got the answer immediately. Others among you will have the answer on the tip of your tongue (the collective “oh, how did I miss that?!”s may stop traffic if uttered loud enough). And the rest will already have scanned down for the answer, presumably.

It was, in fact, the Ford Mustang. Hard to believe given the Mustang’s astronomic rise to fame after it’s iconic role in Bullitt, but in 1966 the Impala outsold the Mustang by nearly 2:1: over one million sales to just short of 550,000. So imagine the collective astonishment/delight when crankandpiston’s eagle-eyed snappers spotted this third-generation beauty parked but a few hundred yards from the office.

A taste of old America on our doorstep. Excuse us while we find the nearest diner for a malt.

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James Gent first started as a freelance motorsport writer in the UK, before an urge to be paid a monthly wage saw him move to Dubai in late 2011. A keen motoring enthusiast, he hopes that one day his garage will hold a Lamborghini Countach, as well as a WRC Lancia Delta Integrale.

James Gent