We all want to know who makes the fastest car, whether we are talking Supercars, Sportscars or pocket rockets such as the BMW 1M. Racing is seemingly built into the human make up and when it comes to one man and his car, it becomes even more relevant. Thankfully the guys at Motortrend seem to think the same way and have pulled in every favour possible, to bring together one of the most impressive selections of modern day heavy metal. The plan… to pitch them up against each other in full scale automotive warfare.

We were rather pleased to see that the team at Motortrend hadn’t just gone the easy route and only lined them up over a quarter mile (as cool as that was). With the aid of old school racer and all round top chap, Randy Pobst, they rolled every car out onto the world famous Laguna Seca raceway in the USA.

So sit back, click away and enjoy this battle royale.

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Phil McGovern