Ridge Park Speed debuts another new build, a 1936 Chevrolet hot rod truck.

The guys at Ridge Park Speed in Louisville, Kentucky just sent us a sneak peek of their latest project.  You may remember reading about their hammered Model A Coupe – the Ridge Park Terror – earlier this year. This time they went with a hopped-up hauler – a 1936 Chevrolet to be exact.

Shaun Lafferty, co-owner of Ridge Park Speed along with his father, Kevin, explains that they chose this model cab mostly because of the unique double bodylines and the wedge chopped appearance of the side windows. Once again, in keeping with past builds, most of this truck was built in-house.

“We built a louver press about a year ago and wanted to put it to use,” says Shaun. “I think we accomplished our goal. We have around 880 louvers in this truck between the bed, door panels, and the hood.” Speaking of the hood, it is aluminum alloy and was hand-fabricated by the father and son team.

The chassis was crafted from rectangular tubing and uses the RPS frame horn kit on the front. The rear differential is a modern Ford unit with disc brakes and 3.73:1 gearing. The front axle is a 1935 Chrysler drop tube featuring a unique parallel leaf-spring suspension set-up. Power comes from a Small Head Chevrolet and a Powerglide transmission.

“This turned out to be a fantastic little truck that sounds bitchin’ and handles great,” Shaun continues. Attributes the team hope will pay dividends with the truck now on eBay. Wallets at the ready everyone…

- Shots courtesy of Ridge Park Speed

1936 Chevrolet Hot Rod
Body: 1936 Chevrolet cab / Ridge Park Speed Bed
Grill: 1936 Chevrolet
Headlights: 1937 Chevrolet Passenger Car
Taillights: 1956 Chevrolet Passenger Car Lenses / Custom Machined Aluminum Alloy Bezels
Chassis: Mild Steel Rectangular Tube / Removable Cross Members
Suspension: Parallel Leaf Front and Rear
Front axle: 1936 Plymouth Round Tube Straight Axle / Drum Brakes
Rear axle: Ford Disc Brake / 3.73:1 ratio / Trac-Loc Differential
Engine: 1972 Small Head Chevrolet / 307 cubic inch
Transmission: Two-Speed Powerglide
Wheels: 1936 Dodge Artillery
Steering wheel: 1937 Chevrolet Pick-up
Steering column: Custom Fabricated by Ridge Park Speed
Door panels: Aluminum Alloy / Louvers by Ridge Park Speed
Louvers: 880 Hand Punched Louvers by Ridge Park Speed

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