It may astound you to know, but most of us here at C&P don’t tend to wear suits and ties. Not at work, anyway. For us, happiness is a good T-shirt, and if it’s in someway related to cars, then all the better.

We’re clearly not alone; a trawl of t’interweb reveals plenty of websites catering for all your no-collared, short-sleeved automotive needs. Here’s a smattering of our favourites, but if you know of better than let us know in the comments below. If we get enough suggestions, we might make this a regular thing,

Slick Attire has a range of natty threads, including the wing-tacular motif at the top of this page showing the 1969 McLaren M7C-1, and the awesome Audi Quattro shirt above.

If you’ve got a lot of rather geeky friends, keep them occupied for a few minutes with this sweet tee from Enthusiast Apparel, showing 19 different race circuits. How many can you name?

Fans of BMW and/or artificial colours and sweeteners might want to head over to The Car Disco and check out this little number, which may confuse those not in the know.

Simple, but effective. A mk2 Ford Escort doing what it does best – go sideways, thanks to the guys at PetrolThreads.

No car geek t-shirt collection is complete without a Nurburgring reference, so here’s a suitably German affair from Benzin-im-Blut, showing the correct line through Adenauer Forst.

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Phill Tromans