We are excited to bring you the news that Issue 08 of Fuel Magazine is ready to rock and roll. If you are into your Rods, American muscle and or general awesomeness you need to head here >>> online store and place your order. Failing that, if there is enough interest we will be placing a box order and bringing it your doorstep, right here in the Middle East.

Issue 08 – ‘Americana’ – is dedicated largely to the Fuel team’s first trip to the States earlier this year. They got behind the wheel of the Hotchkis Challenger, visted Viva Las Vegas and also got time to throw in some cool locations around LA to top it all off.

Below you will find some examples of what is going on inside the biggest and best issue yet – Hold on tight it looks awesome.

For Phil it's all about the car, the quality of content and the story. Having experienced life on both sides of the automotive business, the unbridled urge to set up his own unique motoring website led to crankandpiston.com being founded in his spare room. The rest as they say is history.

Phil McGovern