Turns out San Francisco has been invaded by more than the McLaren MP4-12C. Following the debut of its driverless car just over a year ago, Google has now received a patent for its design ahead of further development.

Google’s self-driving cars have utilized video cameras, radar sensors and range finders – not too dissimilar to parking screens, lane assist and cruise control prevalent on today’s road-going vehicles – to cover over 225,000km in demonstration runs. Google’s patent also includes a plan for mixed-mode autonomous driving, whereby the car takes full control once past a reference indicator on the road, akin to a full-sized QR code reader.

Though consumer production is still a long way away, this recently released infograph detailing the benefits of autonomous transport hints at a long-term goal.

And we thought uploading facebook through your dashboard was cool! >>>

Source – Mashable.com, DanielRosen.com

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