Ever since we stumbled across the work of the Copter Kids we have been captivated by their skills and the work that they continually churn out. Game changing and dare we say, industry changing… the way these guys go about their business is awesome. Run by two of the youngest people in the industry, the Copter Kids have always been considered the “kids” on set. But don’t let their young age fool you, with a combined 20+ years of RC experience as well as 10+ years in video and film, Trent Palmer and Errol Kerr (childhood friends) make the perfect team for shooting aerial video.

You have to spend the time to watch the behind the scenes videos below – You will be itching to go and get yourself an RC chopper we assure you >>>

TORC: Season 1 The Off Road Championship, R/C Helicopter Segment featuring Trent Palmer & Errol Kerr from The Armory on Vimeo.

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