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While slogging away at the far-too-big Frankfurt Motor Show last month (28km of exhibition hall walking in two days), I snapped away with my camera to captureĀ a bit of the event’s atmosphere. That is to say, I took pictures of girls and cars. And now I post them here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Here’s the latest of a zillion Lamborghini Gallardos, the LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale. Sure, it’s another random edition, but it still looks the nuts.

Do rear ends get much more hardcore than this?

Sticking with Lambo, here’s the new Aventador. And friend.

Carlsson’s interpretation of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class. Grrr!

Orange tyres? Colour us interested, Hankook.

German touring cars are great, aren’t they?

Here’s what the next Land Rover Defender could look like. OK, so maybe it’ll have a roof, unlike this DC100 Sport concept. But squint a bit, and you’ll get the idea.

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