A recent art exhibit in the UAE got us thinking at crankandpiston. When a manufacturer whips the covers off a brand new model, “we started with a blank canvas” often gets the press conference ball rolling. Very rarely do we see this design principal reversed.

Among the main attractions at the AL Sa’adiyat Island art event were two BMWs and an Aston Martin, upon which their respective artist had designed with his/her own unique renderings. So dedicated was the ‘creator’ that only two $128,000 (470,080 AED) Z8s and a $286,000 (1,050,500 AED) DBS would suffice.

Art-house purists will argue that a car – no matter how beautifully crafted or elegantly designed it may be – cannot be considered ‘art’, a school that serves no function other than as itself. Top speeds of 250kmh for the Z8 and 310kmh for the DBS complicate matters here.

Few details are known about the cars themselves or the artist who created them. If any of our crankandpiston entourage knows anything of their origins, then do let us know. There may even be three among you who finished their cultural afternoon in Abu Dhabi in the parking lot, removing artfully drawn graffiti from their beloved sports car >>>

Source – GTspirit.com

James Gent first started as a freelance motorsport writer in the UK, before an urge to be paid a monthly wage saw him move to Dubai in late 2011. A keen motoring enthusiast, he hopes that one day his garage will hold a Lamborghini Countach, as well as a WRC Lancia Delta Integrale.

James Gent