As the guys from Stanceworks will testify, a cars stance is an intangible thing that no matter the make, model or decade in which it was built, can make or break a car. No we are talking a pretty broad sphere here, from the early Hot Rod movement to the modern generation euro/jdm movement that is so prevalent at the moment. Get your ride height and wheels right and no matter what you are driving, it will have a cool factor beyond it’s real life positioning.

No swinging back to the early days again, how about this as an example of old school perfection. Stance, wheels, details, colour and trim combination?! All nailed. Belonging to Nic Jiminez of eGarage and pulled together with the guidence of the Stanceworks crew, it certainly hits the spot!

Nic is a lucky man having this Zane Cullen of Cotati Speed Shop built machine sat in his collection. Sit back and enjoy the lovely Paul Nguyen video showcasing this awesome piece of work >>>

Source – eGarage/Stancworks

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